Top National Animal Of India Clipart

Top National Animal Of India Clipart. Below are some of the animals. Animal wildlife includes asian elephants, royal bengal tigers, indian leopards, mischievous monkeys, colonies of hundreds to thousands of flying fox, and about 25% of india is dense forest, and makes a perfect habitat for many of india's wild animals.

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National symbols of india : Jump to navigation jump to search. India is known for its incredible colors, culture, and spices.

It is made up of 28 states and 8 union territories.

Sloth bear in ranthambore national park. Royal bengal tiger is not only the national animal symbol of india but also the identity of the country. Natively found in parts of india and sri lanka! It offers a great variety of wildlife, some of which is exclusive only to the indian subcontinent and its national parks and reserves.

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